Hey you

Hey you, this is the page that is intended just for you who opened this from my link.

I am applying for new faces in front of my camera as a model. To develop and, of course, also carry out those ideas which has come into being.

The idea is that you can be as a model for a professional or just a normal human being who just wants to try how is it like to be in front of camera a pose, you are the right person.

Photoshoot is carried out together and if necessary I give a little support and advice on what to do if the you don't quite know how to be, etc. The model dimensions do not require, or even whether you are 150cm tall or a bit sturdier guy, it's not going to harm. Be brave and try! 

If interest please check out my pages, which you have access to the right top corner. You can always ask if there is some wondering question or throw up your own thought about photo shooting. I look forward to your request or you can choose to be connected directly via Facebook.

Thanks'! :)